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Wednesday, 03 October 2018
Rupakerias is now available for purchase from cdbaby as a digital download or as a CD purchase. Copy and paste this into your browser - http://store.cdbaby.com/cd/nicolashernandez2

The album is also available for digital download from itunes. Or... if you like the personal touch simply send an email through the contact page and a CD will be mailed to you.

"Rupakerias" is a representation of where Nicolas’ journey has taken him so far. The title track is his furthest outside the box composition which is an attempt at sounding like the flamenco style of Bulerias but with the odd time signature (7/8) of the Indian Tala called Rupak. The rest of the album is a potpourri of emotion inducing sounds. From the darkness and sadness of Ecos de Lejos to the lightness and playfulness of Mariella. From the laidback nature of Dos Mundos to the happy and festive Re Mi Sol. Mociones and Emociones is itself a potpourri containing 4 vastly different tunes and was composed for the soundtrack of a short film using the rapid motions and bright colors of a flamenco dancer to advertise the latest advances of film making. The short description of this CD would be that it is a spanish guitar world album. But that description doesn't cover the Pink Floyd sounding electric guitar in Dos Mundos (Intro) and Dos Mundos, or the authentic sound of the Tabla in three of the tunes or the sound of a drum kit in Recordando a Cesar.
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